MYJAR Farewell

Yesterday, July 31st 2014, 2.5 years of work in a company where I learned a lot came to an end.

As it is tradition in the company, I got a Jar -MY very own JAR, full of candies and notes from mates which I plan to read on one of those nostalgic nights when I sit to review what has my life been and what are the people that have touched me along the way.

I also got a nice collage of photos (all made by one of the coworkers). This was a present by a smaller group of mates who have also started their own tradition (I was the second one to get it).

Here´s a picture of both MY JAR and the collage:

I hope to have the opportunity to work with many of them again. Thank you all! For the good, the bad, the ups and downs. You all helped me become a better version of me!

This is how I decided to say farewell to my colleagues:

This was a roller coaster kind of ride!

I am ready for a new one!

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