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IMG_0519Thanks for stopping by. My name is Maria, and I am a Product Manager.

This blog is a collection of personal lessons learned through my professional experiences. There are also some book reviews, but I’ve been keeping those only in my goodreads account lately.

You’ll find a bunch of posts in Spanish, from my previous life as a Spanish Teacher, as well as from my failed attempts to keep entries in my mother tongue. This comes at an extra effort, as I mostly do work (and think work) in English.

The most recent posts are from my current role as a Product Manager in the SaaS industry.

My goal with these entries is to give myself time to reflect on my journey, since writing is the best way I find to have conversations with myself. It helps me find answers, and order in the chaos of our ever-changing lives. Answers and order help me, in return, become a better professional, but most of all, a happier human being.

If you’re interested, I also keep another blog where I share more visceral experiences, mostly from my life as a Venezuelan in Estonia, or my Estonization, as I call it.




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